Monday and the Aftermath.

I got a little sleep on Sunday night and I heard some people didn’t sleep at all! Such is the fallout of such great events. Many thanks to Sally Gibson-Dore and James Edwards for their fine efforts with the party!

I went to a few talks on Monday but was wary of my exhaustion after such a full weekend! I ¬†thoroughly enjoyed Greg Daly’s talk on lustre, glazing and firing.

Paul Scott’s talk on the tradition of the Willow Pattern was interesting as well.

I took one photo for the day and that was of the auditorium, still full at the end of the last day!

I think many thanks have been said. Each and every one of them was well deserved (I also can’t remember them all) !

I would like to thank everyone involved for letting me have a bit of a sneak peak and letting me take photo’s all weekend. I would also like to thank everyone for reading the blog over the last year or so. This isn’t the last post, I may make a few more as things get tidied up and readied for Canberra. With that I say well done and good luck to those taking the event to Canberra for 2015. I look forward to attending!

Adios for now!




Sunday, more talking, walking and watching!

Gerry Wedd and David Ray’s demonstration generated a bit of interest. Especially Gerry’s moustache…

Sandy Lockwood and Prue Venables demonstrating.

Graham Hay demonstrating.

Gerry and his teapot stack.

Suitcase sale went down a treat!

The line up for the Suitcase Sale.

I also went to the student panel discussion which I found very interesting.

After all the talking and the watching and the seemingly endless walking came Rock the Frock. What a party… I have more photos but these two are my favourites!

Andrew Bryant delivering his most epic speech ‘Pottery Party’.

Gerry Wedd, what else is there to say?




Saturday was another busy day. Here’s what I saw in photo form!

Panorama of the Jackson Li and Andrew Bryant demonstration from early in the day.

A view of Stephen Bowers and Mark Heidenreich giving their demonstrations in the ceramics studio of the JamFactory.

Another view of Stephen and Mark.

Mark cooking with gas.

It seems I didnt take as many photo’s on Saturday as I thought but I did post throughout the day, so flick back through the blog and I’m sure you’ll find some more!


I know it’s a little late, I’m trying my hardest to keep this all running in live time but there are things I can do on my computer that my phone won’t let me!

Here’s a collection of photo’s from yesterday’s activities.

Sitting up the back for the Keynote Speakers Panel.

Merrilyn Stock’s demonstration.


David Pedlar before he broke his extruder.

Helen Fuller in hand building mode.

Klaus Gutowski Slab building.

JamFactory was packed for the announcement of the Alcorso Vitrify winner.

Neville French’s winning works.

I found out my iPhone can do panorama shots… Here’s one of the SUBVERT opening at AC Arts last night.

More coming soon! Germinate opens in an hour, see you all there!