Monday and the Aftermath.

I got a little sleep on Sunday night and I heard some people didn’t sleep at all! Such is the fallout of such great events. Many thanks to Sally Gibson-Dore and James Edwards for their fine efforts with the party!

I went to a few talks on Monday but was wary of my exhaustion after such a full weekend! I  thoroughly enjoyed Greg Daly’s talk on lustre, glazing and firing.

Paul Scott’s talk on the tradition of the Willow Pattern was interesting as well.

I took one photo for the day and that was of the auditorium, still full at the end of the last day!

I think many thanks have been said. Each and every one of them was well deserved (I also can’t remember them all) !

I would like to thank everyone involved for letting me have a bit of a sneak peak and letting me take photo’s all weekend. I would also like to thank everyone for reading the blog over the last year or so. This isn’t the last post, I may make a few more as things get tidied up and readied for Canberra. With that I say well done and good luck to those taking the event to Canberra for 2015. I look forward to attending!

Adios for now!


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