Welcome to the 2012 Australian Ceramics Triennale Blog!

This blog will cover the Triennale from start to finish, in the meantime it is a blog covering the lead up to the event. Here you will find all sorts of interesting tidbits, gossip and information about the event, all presented in a subversive ‘behind the scenes’ manner.

Please feel free to join me on this journey, new posts will be up on a regular basis (click on the blog link above to get to them if you find yourself here!).

Information and queries can be directed to me via my email: guyringwoodceramics@gmail.com

Or you can just leave a comment under a post and I will endeavour to get to it!



8 thoughts on “Home

  1. What time does the conference wrap up on the the last day, 1 Oct? I am trying to decide whether to leave on the Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

    • G’day Ian, I’m not sure on the finishing time on the Monday but the program will be able to tell you such information when it is up. There will be an after party held on the Monday night I believe, perhaps you would like to stay for that?

  2. When will the program timetable be available? I too, am wondering about when to arrive and leave and have to book 4 bedrooms for people attending from overseas. Flights too have to be organized so information on times asap please.

    • Hi Cheryl, I believe the Program will be made available soon. Rough details can be found on the website: australianceramicstriennale.com. I don’t think you should expect anything different from years past. Registrations will be open on Thursday 27th of September with the event beginning during Friday morning. The event will run the course of the weekend; Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday with a celebration being planned for the Monday night. I believe there are also some bus tours happening before the event on the Thursday, more information is available on the website. In terms of accomodation I suggest arriving Wednesday/Thursday and leaving Tuesday.
      I hope this helps.

      Dont hesitate to email: subversive.clay@craftsouth.org.au for more information.

  3. Hi Guy, this is looking exciting…just what I need to inspire me after a few years of not playing in mud! Would you be able to put a marked map on the website? Would be helpful to have a look at where the venues are relative to each other. Also what sort of transport is available or will be needed to get ourselves around the venues.

  4. howdee from indiaaaaah! back from adelaide, via hobart, reedy marsh and vipoos’!!!…..would be good to have a click on the triennale’s coverpage…..showing the transcripts that have been uploaded,,,, or a link of such on your fb pages…. that way one wouldnt have to surf the full webpage to know whats current…… c’est possible?;-)

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